Giving Back

Since the company’s inception, the Owens family and the Unclaimed Baggage team have been committed to the philosophy of giving back. Each year they have donated merchandise, financial resources and time to those in need.

“It is our mission to ‘reclaim for good’ what was once unclaimed”, says owner Bryan Owens. Through relationships with dozens of charity organizations locally, nationally and around the globe, UBC is able to find uses for more than half of the merchandise not designated for the retail floor.

Here’s a capsule view of some of the results of these partnerships:

  • Hundreds of thousands of eyeglasses donated to The Lions Club Sight First program.
  • Broken wheelchairs rebuilt for handicapped children and adults worldwide.
  • Millions of dollars worth of medical supplies donated to developing countries.
  • “Luv Luggage” suitcases hand-painted and given to children moving to new foster homes.
  • Millions of dollars in clothing donated to the underprivileged.

Click on the pictures below for a more detailed description of some key partners for good.

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Thousands of Eyeglasses Donated

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