Adventures in Unclaimed Baggage by Guest Blogger, Lillian Lalo


A few weeks ago I complimented a coworker’s new iPad. He gloated that he bought it atUnclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Ala. I was shocked! I had no idea that Unclaimed Baggage sold iPad’s! What?!  After my coworker told me more about the gem mine of sales and fun just down the road from our house, I knew I had to check it out!  Read More!>>

7 Reasons to Attend Ski Sale 2013


Ski Lift - Unclaimed Baggage Ski Sale It was 1981 and Doyle Owens purchased his first load of ski equipment to stock the shelves of Unclaimed Baggage for the first Ski Sale. Little did he know that this one event would be, yet another reason, for thousands of people from all over the United States to make their way to Scottsboro, Alabama. Fast forward 31 years and see why you can't miss the 32nd Annual Unclaimed Baggage Ski Sale - read now.

6 Ways Sharks & Unclaimed Baggage Shoppers are Alike


Since Unclaimed Baggage opened its doors in 1970 we have noticed a number of similarities between the thousands of people who come through our doors every week and one of the most recognized fish in the world – the shark.  Now, we aren’t claiming to be a bunch of elasmobranchologists but here are six things about UBC adventure seekers that have a striking resemblance to the kings of the ocean. Let's count 'em down!>>

Shark sighting in Scottsboro!

08- 8-2013

Reports have been coming in all week about a shark sighting in Scottsboro Alabama. And while its hard to believe that beautiful northeast Alabama could be hosting one of the most feared fish in all the world, dozens of people have said they have caught a glimpse of what appears to be a killer shark. "Where?" you say?>>

Family Time: How To Plan a Quick Picnic

08- 7-2013

Nobody will ever argue that spending time together as a family is ever a bad idea even if Uncle Eddie is there in all his glory. Here at Unclaimed Baggage we love families, those who are officially part of the UBC family and the thousands of families who make their way through our doors from all around the world every year.

So, as summer starts winding down and the kids head back to the classroom, we thought we would help you plan some family time by offering these tips for a quick picnic.  And we've got some great locations already picked out for you! >>

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