The Unclaimed Baggage Center Experience

05- 4-2012

People who come to Unclaimed Baggage are always amazed at the treasures they find.  Throughout the years we’ve received some pretty unusual items from around the world like an 8 ½ foot snakeskin from a boa constrictor found in Central America or tribal breastplates from Africa. And of course there are the amazing deals to be discovered on the 7000 new items that hit the sales floor each day. What kind of amazing things have others discovered at UBC?  Find out!

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Unclaimed Baggage is the perfect day trip from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Asheville or Tuscaloosa. Each weekend retail thrill seekers make their way from these cities and more in search of treasure hidden throughout the racks and shelves of Unclaimed Baggage. Ready for your day trip?>>

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