Shark sighting in Scottsboro!

08- 8-2013

Reports have been coming in all week about a shark sighting in Scottsboro Alabama. And while its hard to believe that beautiful northeast Alabama could be hosting one of the most feared fish in all the world, dozens of people have said they have caught a glimpse of what appears to be a killer shark. "Where?" you say?>>

How To Care For Your iPod in Five Easy Steps


Every year thousands of iPods of all types and generations pass through Unclaimed Baggage Center. From iPod Shuffles and iPod Touches to iPod Nanos and iPod Classics – they can all be found year round here at UBC in Scottsboro, AL.  With all of the iPods we deal with we’ve become pretty good at knowing how to take care of them so they keep performing at their peek. And- if you have a kid heading back to school this fall and an iPod is part of their daily school routine-this tips are sure to come in handy!>>

The Best Ever Back To College Supply List – Unclaimed Baggage Style


You have had your summer fun - you hit up the beach, taken in a couple amusement parks, enjoyed the lake, hiked some trails and had your fair share of  ‘smores. Now it’s time to get serious about packing for college... and UBC is to the rescue to help you out! >>

Your Beach Book HQ


Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets and READING ON THE BEACH. Not much compares to sand between your toes, an ocean breeze and a great big stack of books. Read about your Beach Book Headquarters at UBC!>>

Release Your Inner Indiana Jones at UBC


Ok, let’s be honest haven’t we all dreamed about being a whip wielding archeologist? Exchanging a bag of sand for a golden skull only to have poison darts shoot out of the walls at us and then have a giant rock ball chase us through a cave?

Around Unclaimed Baggage Center we actually have our own versions of Mr. Jones. But, we don’t call them archeologists we affectionately refer to them as Unclaimed Bagologists. What's that?>>


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