You Found What?! – Hoggle


What’s a Hoggle? It’s not so much as what is a Hoggle as it is a who is  Hoggle?

Several years ago a huge crate was in the process of being unpacked at the Unclaimed Baggage Center nerve center (warehouse). Styrofoam peanuts, newspapers and foam spilled out of the box as it was opened. What appeared through the mountain of packing material sent one of Unclaimed Baggage Center’s faithful bag openers running for cover. As he collected his wit’s he found himself staring into the eyes of the life-size face of Hoggle from the Jim Henson movie Labyrinth.

Hoggle Before Picture At Unclaimed Baggage Center MuseumHoggle obviously had endured a rough trip since the 1986 movie in which he starred in with David Bowie. The journey that occurred in that wood crate took its toll. His latex was peeling and his clothes were coming apart at the seams – literally. To honor this icon and Hollywood celebrity Unclaimed Baggage helped Hoggle find a puppet surgeon to restore him to muppet excellence.

Hoggle After Picture At The Unclaimed Baggage Center Museum








Gary Sowtazka Working on Hoggle for Unclaimed Baggage







We were thrilled to locate Gary Sowtazka, world renowned doll doctor to perform the surgery. After several months of being under the knife, Hoggle rose from the proverbial puppet ashes and found new life in the Unclaimed Baggage Center museum.


Did you see the movie Labyrinth? Have you visited The Unclaimed Baggage Center Museum? What do you think of Hoggle?


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