How to Speak UBC: What is "The Mezzanine"?


Class is in session as we continue our educational series on How to speak UBC. Today’s term is "The Mezzanine".

First let us explain what "The Mezzanine" is NOT.

-        It’s not a popular Italian dish

-        It’s not a country in East Africa

-        It’s not a pharmaceutical drug

-        It’s not a rash you catch in a locker room

-        It’s not the sound your husband makes while he sleeps.

Nope, "The Mezzanine" is none of those things.





Let me break it down for you, here’s what "The Mezzanine" IS

-        It is the home to some of the most amazing deals on iPads, iPods and iPhones

-        It is where thousands of video games can be found on any given day

-        It is where you can snag MacBook Pros or PC’s at incredible prices

-        It is the place you can find everything from luggage to bikes

-        It is where you can find loads of CD & DVD treasures

-        It is the place to grab cool sporting goods

-        It is even where you may find some unbelievable artwork

So, there you have it. If you are looking for adventure and are ready to have some treasure hunting fun then make your way to "The Mezzanine".

Have you been to "The Mezzanine"? Any great discoveries? 


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