How To Speak UBC: UBC,etc.


You may have seen the sign at the road or you may have even parked your car in the small parking lot to the left of the main store and noticed a smaller, quaint looking building sitting in the corner.

You may have even heard others whispering or using hushed tones as they tried to talk about the “other store” located at 509 West Willow Street in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Back in the day it was called ‘The Annex’ – yeah, we’ve wondered why it was ever called that as well. It might have well been called the ‘Yada Yada’

Well, gone are ‘The Annex’ days – welcome to UBC etc.!

UBC etc. is one of Scottsboro’s local hangouts for those looking for amazing deals on everything from household items to make-up. From bed linens to juicers, from office supplies to vitamins UBC etc. is a whole other world of treasure to be discovered.

The next time you make your way to UBC etc. greet them with a high five and hearty YADA YADA!!!

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