“These things were really in suitcases?”

Some items we receive are too weird or wonderful to sell. So we opened a small museum which has featured rotating displays that have included intriguing Egyptian artifacts estimated to originate from 1567-304 BC, a violin from 1770, and other rare and unusual items. “Hoggle,” the gnome-like gatekeeper from the Henson movie, Labyrinth, has a permanent place of his own at UBC.

You can also see a timeline of our history, videos with fun facts and finds, as well as a reel of media stories done over the years.

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Unclaimed Baggage Cravings

02- 2-2012

For more than 40 years Unclaimed Baggage has been providing retail-shopping adventures to people from all over the world. For many of those shoppers they have become addicted to the experience. Some have described it as a craving that rivals chocolate, Coke and even Krispy Kreme doughnuts!  Read More>>

30th Annual Winter & Ski Event – It’s Almost A National Holiday


The only place the Griswald’s missed on their family vacation was the Unclaimed Baggage Center’s annual Winter & Ski Event. Too bad Clark missed out on the most amazing one-day retail event in North Alabama.  Read all about it>>

Griswalds Heading to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama

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