Treasure Hunting Tips

Shopping at Unclaimed Baggage Center is a treasure hunting adventure filled with surprises. Make the most of your trip with tips from some of our veteran shoppers.

Tip #1 from Janet:

Plan for plenty of time to look through everything. Good deals and unique finds can be overlooked if you rush through.

Tip #2 from Rebecca:

Come with realistic expectations. It's Unclaimed Baggage, you literally never know what you will find.

Tip #3 from Christine:

Keep your head down and hands free.

Tip #4 from Kathy:

Don't take list just have fun! Keep eyes open for deals. Great fun!

Tip #5 Mary:

If you even 'think' you might want it, grab it, because when you go back it will be gone!

Tip #6 from Kathy:

Make sure you have plenty of time to look around!

Tip #7 from Dustin:

Do not underestimate the small home and beauty UBC located right outside the door between the women's hats and kid's shoes! This tiny building has bedding, art, hair care, & kitchenware! (I found an awesome Dunkin Donuts travel mug from Japan!)

Tip #8 from Pam:

UBC is our family's 'happy place'.  Go in search for the 'item of the day.' Sometimes it is a wild outfit, funny shoes, or something weird, but just finding 'it' always makes for a marvelous adventure.

Tip #9 from Grace:

Go on a week day. Plan on spending at least 2-3 hours there, don't simply glance at items, really take the time to look. Anytime you like something, throw it in your buggy, even if you're not sure. A lot of the time the item will get snatched up if you put it back.

Tip #10 from Gina:

Keep an open mind (who would have ever thought I'd get excited over used shoes?) and don't be in a hurry.

Tip #11 from Amy:

When I'm clothes shopping - I check the dressing room return rack also. 

Tip #12 from Clayton:

Make sure you find your favorite places and check them first. I always look through the Mezzanine beginning with musical instruments, make the circle, and hit the baby stuff on my way to the Men's department and out to the Annex.

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