UBC makes shopping fun again!

Looking for a day trip with your friends? We're a perfect destination! Plan your trip now>> More

Like Christmas Everyday!

Unclaimed Baggage is a shopping paradise filled with a dazzling selection of thousands of items that change daily. You never know what you’ll find! More

Something For Everyone

We aren’t kidding. The store is filled with items for men, women and children, sports fanatics, readers, music lovers and electronic gear buffs. What will you find? More

It's a treasure hunt!

Searching for lost treasures is an adventure, whether it’s an ordinary shopping day or a special event. Come enjoy the thrill of the hunt. More

A True Shopping Adventure

Unclaimed Baggage is unlike any other store in the world. It’s a shopping safari where you can bag incredible finds among thousands of lost treasures. More

You Found What?

A stunning array of lost treasures from around the world has been discovered since our doors first opened in 1970. What some people pack is simply mind-boggling. More

What did Lillian find at UBC?!

A few weeks ago I complimented a coworker’s new iPad. He gloated that he bought it at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Ala. I was shocked! I had no idea that Unclaimed Baggage sold iPad’s! What? Read more>>


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